Invoice Management

Fleet Maintenance Pro Shop Edition includes an invoicing system which you can use to create and track invoices.

Please note that Invoices are separate from Work Orders. Work Orders are used to record maintenance tasks and repair work, along with tracking costs associated with those tasks. Invoices, on the other hand, are used if you wish to bill a third-party for work that you performed on equipment.

Note: The primary use of Fleet Maintenance Pro is to track maintenance for your own equipment. Fleet Maintenance Pro is not an estimating software, and does not include any modules to provide estimates for work-to-be-done for other customers.

The Invoice Management screen displays all invoices of any status.  The data displays in a grid of rows and columns, and you may customize the data grid display to suit your needs.

You can access this screen by clicking Invoices in the left menu.

Utilize the drop down boxes on the top right to filter by invoice status and location. You can also use the Search box on the top left to find a specific invoice number or customer.

In the Action column you can edit an existing invoice, record a payment, email, print or delete an invoice.

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