Record Invoice Payment

To record a payment for an invoice, click the Actions button on the right and choose Record Payment.

The invoice number will be automatically populated in the top box. Enter in the payment amount and date of payment.

Below you will be presented with a number of payment options to choose from.

Once you are finished entering data press Save to record the payment.

Invoices that have been paid in full can be viewed on the Invoice screen by choosing 'Paid In Full' in the drop down box.

Manage Payments

To view a list of all payments made click the Manage Payments button on the top right. This will bring you to the Payments Received screen.

Here you can view, edit, and delete payments. You can also click the +New button on the top right to add a new payment to the list.

TIP: If an invoice has been marked as 'paid in full', deleting the payment from the manage payments screen will not update the invoice status to Outstanding. 

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